Televes will be investing € 23 million in the evolution to Industry 4.0

The Televes Corporation will be investing € 23 million over the next four years to develop an ambitious project aimed at further pursuing its revolution towards an Industry 4.0 environment. Corp4Future is supported by the regional authority, Xunta de Galicia, which included the initiative in the investment incentives programme for smart industry, following an open and competitive call with the support of the Axencia Galega de Innovación (Galician Innovation Agency).

The project means an important commitment from the firms in the Televes Corporation, and will involve the development of around 120 new career profiles, with major opportunities in terms of training and professional growth. Corp4Future will boost competitiveness in the production processes and logistics efficiency through new manufacturing technologies and methods, such as augmented reality, collaborative robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT). This will enhance the Corporation’s capacity to maintain its leadership in the traditional markets while improving its positioning in new innovative environments, such as social and health care services, energy efficiency, smart cities or aeronautics.

Collaborative robotics will allow machines and operators to work simultaneously on a given task, which will represent a significant leap in efficiency. In turn, augmented reality will allow operators to interact with robots using physical interfaces.

Corp4Future will give continuity to the Corporation’s focus on innovation while promoting the ongoing process of growth and diversification, thus meeting one of the distinctive Televes’ genes: the passion for manufacturing. Likewise, it involves a strong commitment to maintaining the investment effort, confirms the focus on highly-skilled job position creation, and will be a driver for providers and collaborators, contributing to the reinforcement of the Galician industrial sector through the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).



The project’s general objectives are:

Implementation and enhancement of the Corporation’s production processes by using new technologies (such as augmented reality, collaborative robotics, or new manufacturing methods) to improve company’s productivity.

New functionality and new technology design and development (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits-MMIC, Internet of Things-IoT, etc.) to enhance company’s technological excellence for the opening of new markets and the reinforcing of the Galician industrial sector through ICT.

Opening of new markets (for example, 5G communications or aerospace) and consolidation of traditional ones (mainly multimedia broadcasting and measuring equipment), based on the improvement on productivity and the development of new business lines.

Improvement of information systems and communication between Corporation and clients to provide a product with a higher degree of customization and flexibility, in alignment with Industry 4.0 paradigms.

Development of a prototype for the Corporation to be used as a demonstrator of the newly acquired capabilities and Industry 4.0 paradigm, as well as the assessment of the process improvement achieved.

The Televes Corporation will reinforce diffusion at the start of the project to highlight the objectives, and at the end of the project to present the project’s results not subject to confidentiality agreements.