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Our diversification is characterized by projects with high technological profiles

The technological knowledge acquired by the Televes Corporation over 60 years allows its access to new sectors with very high technical profiles, via the European frameworks; the results of our collaboration with firms operating in different fields is fed back into our own companies, which makes for exponential leaps in strategic diversification.


The increase in life expectancy is a significant achievement of our society, but at the same time it has created big challenges in the management of longevity and chronic conditions, which jeopardize the current social and healthcare system’s sustainability in the medium term.

The European Union is providing a significant leadership in technology development for the social and health care environment, which was included among the priorities of Horizon 2020, the R&D European Community programme.

Technologies allow the achievement of increasingly efficient integrated systems, capable of analysing the information to improve the care level and to increase accessibility and proximity to people, while improving timing and responsiveness, and providing better services. Our proposal consists in moving forward in the implementation of solutions that will enable the integration of different service distribution, focusing on custom solutions that combine optical fibre, coaxial cable, structured cabling and wireless technologies.

With an appropriate management of ICT, these infrastructures will allow the implementation of innovative solutions that will improve communication among professionals and users, manage knowledge, streamline case management, reduce bureaucracy in citizen assistance, improve people follow-up inside their own environment, and extend remote accessibility to the resources.

The main technological projects on which the Televes Corporation is currently involved are focused on the development of both the smart room in hospitals (a room that will allow the automatic monitoring, control and identification of the patient’s vital signs), and of an open IoT platform for the deployment of solutions to enhance elderly independence and quality of life in their own natural environment.


With the ever-increasing demand for permanent connectivity, we develop easy-to-use applications to improve safety and privacy in the Digital Home – connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) – using the most advanced technologies available for this purpose. This is how we will contribute in the promotion of the domestic IoT European market, by providing all users with next-generation security systems for domestic applications (based on technologies such as Blockchain or deep packet inspection), irrespective of their previous knowledge.


The Televes Corporation is currently involved in the development of solutions for the improvement in the use of energy resources in domestic, industrial and urban environments through sensor-based systems, monitoring and consumption analysis of all the components in each environment, and the recommendation of measures for energy balance improvement.


With the experience acquired so far in communication systems, the Televes Corporation is bringing the developed technology to the aviation and autonomous vehicle – both aerial and aquatic – sector. In this regard, the main development lines focus on the design and development of specific communication links for command and control, and payload, as well as on the development of signal processing based solutions.


The automotive industry being highly automated and efficient, the design of systems that contribute to the improvement of these two factors represents a key innovation area. In this regard, and thanks to our experience in the design and implementation of our own manufacturing systems, we are currently developing industrial IoT solutions for the monitoring, analysis and optimization of production processes.

With the arrival of the term “connected vehicle” multiple development lines emerged for the design of specific mobile capturing and communication systems.


The experience in the field of both wired and wireless communication systems, together with the high-quality standards implemented in the production process, allows the Televes Corporation to position itself as a leading manufacturer of electronic communication, interconnection, capturing and electromagnetic signal distribution systems for military applications.

In this respect, we have the capacity to manufacture and provide comprehensive communication solutions, as well as specific equipment using technologies such as radar, electronic conflict management or advanced security, to name a few.

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