Communications have been revolutionized within the last decade. Users value platforms that offer high-speed, permanent and ubiquitous internet connection from their mobile devices. Television screens are deployed all over the premises to provide customized information and advertising. It is a new scenario in which the hotel must provide the best television services in all formats, and an efficient and ubiquitous internet access over a high-capacity multiservice network infrastructure, capable of supporting both client demands and the hotel’s management services.

Televes Corporation develops comprehensive projects, aligned with the requirements set forth by the Hospitality sector. The company puts its expertise into play for the development of telecommunications solutions for the integration of customized television services, permanent connection to the internet or to added-value audiovisual contents, digital signage, security systems, management tools, and energy efficient solutions.

The deployment of Fiber-To-The-Room (FTTR), in combination with power-adjustable MyNet Wi-Fi wireless access points is the preferred solution by hotels internationally. This type of infrastructure allows the establishment to provide services currently required by the clients, while benefiting of additional advantages, such as low maintenance costs.

The corporation’s Hospitality solutions are present in a number of hotels and unique buildings all around the world, with deployment projects achieved in close collaboration with telecom integration companies.

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