Professional LED Lighting

Professional LED Lighting

Taking one more step in our business diversification strategy and responding to a growing demand from our distributors, Televes Corporation is focusing on the development and manufacturing of luminaires for industrial environments. The corporation’s expertise in both electronic technology and metal structure manufacturing was the catalyst in the launch of a full range of outdoor and indoor LED lighting solutions.

Quality and energy efficiency represent the distinctive values of the product. Televes luminaires allow for energy savings of up to 80%, as compared to  conventional lighting systems. They also stand out for first-class engineering and excellent thermal management, ensuring extended product life without any maintenance.

The solution range provides outstanding versatility, from outdoor street or road lighting, to indoor projects in shopping centers, recreational areas or sports facilities.They can also light historic buildings or façades, and are especially appropriate for landscaping projects, such as parks or gardens. Furthermore, they are certified by the ENAC laboratory for street lighting.

The LED lighting solution from Televes Corporation provides a programming and control option. This enables the development of projects in which the installation’s light intensity is programmed based on schedules defined.

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