Telecommunication and TV Infraestructures

Telecommunication and TV Infraestructures

Broadcasting service distribution has always been our core business. Televes started operation back in 1958, following the birth of television in Spain and linked to antenna manufacturing, an activity Televes pioneered. We have since evolved with the advancing technology, and have become an international leader in equipment design, development and manufacturing for the transmission, capturing and distribution of radio and television signals. We were key players in sector milestones, like the leap from black-an-white to colour TV, the introduction of private channels, and more recently, the worldwide implementation of digital terrestrial television (DTT), high definition (HDTV), and the newest television formats of the future.

Several companies progressively joined Televes Corporation, specialized in serving technological niches in areas such as DTT coverage extension, measuring tools required by professional contractors, or new technology solutions for the distribution of audiovisual services. This is why our brand is recognized as a guarantee for quality television at every home TV outlet, either DTT, satellite or IPTV, and either using coaxial, optical fiber, or hybrid networks.

The other key vector for Televes Corporation´s growth and diversification is the evolution of the infrastructures for television distribution in buildings and homes. Today, these infrastructures include cabled and wireless networks that multiple operators use to bring added-value services to the final user: on-demand television, high speed Internet access, security, communication, health, welfare, and much more.

Our mission is to provide products and solutions capable of integrating all the existing and future digital services into a comprehensive high-capacity multiservice network in buildings and homes. The firms within our Corporation are driven by the unceasing will to discover new technology-based options to improve the communication infrastructures; this is key for being at the center of incipient designs, such as the Digital Home, and Smart Cities.

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